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Can Orthodontics Make You Or Your Child’s Life Even Better?

Patients often don’t realize the way they feel about their smile can change the entire trajectory of their lives. When I first meet new patients, they are not smiling. Their shoulders are slumped and they are often shy. We take initial photos before starting treatment, and many of my patients, children and adults alike, won’t smile in these photos because they are embarrassed about their teeth.

It’s truly heartbreaking. Yet, within a few months of treatment, I notice a huge difference! They start to smile, stand taller, and become more talkative. Kids become more outgoing at school, raising their hand in class, going to dances and parties. Adults become more confident asserting their voice at work. Their confidence builds right before my eyes.

I know we can help you or your child experience the same transformation. This assessment is the first step in getting started.

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