The Verbic Difference

Adults and children alike benefit from a beautiful smile. Far more than just straight teeth, a beautiful, healthy smile is a cornerstone of confidence. That confidence translates into all areas of life, including school, work, home life, and relationships. A beautiful smile is a lifelong gift, and it’s a gift that everyone deserves to experience.

 Verbic 6 month difference

What a Difference Six Months Make

Dr. Verbic has often noticed that when people first arrive at Verbic Orthodontics, their shoulders are slumped and they seem unsure of themselves. They may be shy and are rarely smiling.

Fast forward six months or a year later, and these same people are smiling proudly, standing taller, and are more outgoing. All because of their smile! The transformation is truly incredible.

What Sets Dr. Marty Verbic & Verbic Orthodontics Apart

Dr. Verbic is a people person with an engineer’s mind. He’s passionate about using modern technology and treatment options to transform his patients’ smiles.

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    Verbic Orthodontics has offices in two convenient locations, Palatine and Barrington, IL, to serve families in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Early, evening, and weekend appointments are available to suit your busy schedule. Once you’re here, you can expect virtually no wait time and the option of same-day consultation and even same-day braces!

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    Dr. Verbic cares about his patients and is committed to ensuring that every patient who needs orthodontic treatment gets it. The Verbic team works with patients closely to look at the cost of treatment and how to pay for it. For those who truly need but cannot afford orthodontic care, Verbic Orthodontics has proudly partnered with Smiles Change Lives, Donated Orthodontic Services, and other charities to support the mission of providing orthodontics for little or no cost to children in need.

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    Verbic Orthodontics is proud of its Liftetime Guarantee, which promises patients they will love the results of their treatment and will be happy with their smile for a lifetime!

Choosing the Right Orthodontist

No matter what type of orthodontic treatment you choose, it’s a large investment – of money, of time, and of expectations. That’s why it’s vital to choose the right orthodontist to guide you through the process from start to finish. The right orthodontist has the education and experience you can rely on, is up on the latest treatment techniques and technology, and creates a treatment plan that’s best for you.

To learn more about how to choose the right orthodontist, check out Dr. Verbic’s book, Creating Beautiful Confident Smiles: A Smart Patient’s Guide to Choosing an Orthodontist.

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Very professional! Dr. Verbic goes above and beyond for his patients. Made the whole process very comfortable and enjoyable. Micahel B.
Very professional! Dr. Verbic goes above and beyond for his patients. Made the whole process very comfortable and enjoyable. Joan S.
I was recommended by my boss, for my daughter who is 9 years old. The location is in Barrington and they have a Palatine office. I live about an hour away but, it is worth the drive! My daughter loves her orthodontist! The one thing her father and I always talk about is how great they are here! My daughter was at a birthday party and popped a wired from her braces. It was Saturday and I thought for sure this was going to have to wait until Monday maybe even Tuesday. She was in pain and the wax was not helping. Her orthodontist came in on a Sunday and fixed her all up! She was so happy. I could not believe it. He really went above and beyond for her and all their patients from what I see. It has only been about 4.5 months since she started her phase 1 braces but, the work is amazing! Worth every penny! I always tell everyone we know if your kids are ready for braces, go to Verbic Orthodontics. They also have so many perks and fun events for the patients, it is an excellent place! Emri A.

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